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Yardbird (Michael Spiccia, 2012)
A young girl living in a remote wrecking yard is forced to take on the town bullies when they travel out to torment her father. ... Selected for competition at Cannes. ... D Michael Spiccia P Jessica… Read more

Yeah Moustafa (Ali Higson, 1994)
Belly-dancing, beer, love handles and beer-bellies. Cultures collide in the life of Annette the belly dancer. Embracing Lebanese culture, she discovers that cultural stereotyping works both ways, fac… Read more

Yellow Fella (Ivan Sen, )
In 1978, Tom E. Lewis played the unforgettable hero in [The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith]. The character he played was close to himself: a young man struggling on the edge of two cultures. Ivan Sen's fi… Read more

Yes It Is (Virginia Hilyard, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

Yirawala - The Picasso of Arnhemland (Sandra Holmes, 1982)
The poignant story of Yirawala MBE, a tribal man of high degree, who fought to hold back a tidal wave of change, even though he knew some people wanted the money from mining. ... The film shows the m… Read more

Yoga and the Individual (John B. Murray, 1966)
A sympathetic description of the true aims of Yoga and an absorbing demonstration of it in practice. ... Silver Award, Teaching Category, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

Yolk (Michael Blanch, Ricardo Ferreiro, Melia Daw, 1993)
A surreal journey through various Bataille-informed masculine erotic and absurdist images. ... Read more

You Can't Touch Me Now (Rick Randall, 1985)
A woman returns to a psychiatric institution. The building is in disrepair but painful memories remain intact: the journey must begin anew. This student film suffers from some weaknesses, notably som… Read more

YOU DON'T CLAP LOSERS (John Power, 1975)
A minor case of vandalism brings two lonely people together. Single parents Martin and Kay meet when their sons, Joe and Steven, appear in the Children's Court on a delinquency charge. As their relat… Read more

You Know What I Love You (Natalie Cunningham, 2012)
A charming portrait of the filmmaker's 94-year-old Greek grandmother, combining flashes of gentle humour with poignant moments of sadness. ... D/P/S Natalie Cunningham L Greek w/English subtitles WS … Read more

You Like It I Love It (James Vaughan, 2012)
Two brothers killing time in a series of ambiguous vignettes that create a mood both playful and unnerving, taking us through the looking glass of middle-class Australia. ... D/S James Vaughan P Oliv… Read more

You'd Have to be Mad to Like Opera (Karl McPhee, 1978)
The film shows the wide range of activities and disciplines that go toward the making of an opera, centering on preparations for Don Pasquale and on the young soprano, Isobel Buchanan, a leading arti… Read more

You're the One (John Bell, 1979)
A light-hearted look at the hopes and fantasies of an actress on her way to an audition for an international feature film. ... Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, Robin Boyd, 1956)
The film traces the development of imaginative and lively approaches to house design in Melbourne up until the Second World War. ... Read more

Your House and Mine (Peter McIntyre, 1958)
You can read more about this film in Senses of Cinema. ... Read more

Zipper (Ian Baker, )
Shot on location at Amberley Air Force Base the commercial depicts the ... various back up jobs needed to get a single plane off the ground. ... Read more

Zipper (Antoinette Starkiewicz, 1998)
The latest offering from one of Australia's finest animators takes us on a breathless journey through 20th century images in art and fashion. Using an innovative combination of live action, animation… Read more

Zoo, The (Sophie Hayward, 2012)
A surreal and absurdist black comedy set during a dinner party where the line between civilisation and pack animal behaviour disappears altogether. ... World Premiere. ... D/S Sophie Hayward P Ruth M… Read more

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