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Long Live The New Flesh (Nicolas Provost, 2009)
Nicolas Provost uses existing classic horror films and creates a new horror where each scene devours the last. ... --- ... D/P/S Nicolas Provost TD 35mm/2009 ... --- ... D/P/S Nicolas Provost TD 35mm… Read more

LOOKING FOR ERIC (Ken Loach, 2009)
Due to circumstances beyond MIFF's control, LOOKING FOR ERIC will no longer screen at the festival. See here for details. ... “Ken Loach in feelgood mode.” - Independent ... Former soccer star Er… Read more

LORNA'S SILENCE (Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne, 2008)
In this cold-blooded scam, only Lorna's silence can implicate her.Lorna's Silence is the latest feature from the Dardenne brothers (The Son, MIFF 02; The Child, MIFF 05) who have a proven track recor… Read more

Magritte (Luc de Heusch, 1961)
Curious souvenirs of a voyage into the universe by the famed Belgian surrealist painter. "Reality is a word devoid of meaning; space is not certain; the world has lost all consistency. My task is to … Read more

Mardi-Gras (Geneviève Grand'ry, 1966)
This is a short-story film about the adventures of a young painter who spends a night during Mardi-Gras alone with only his fantasies to keep him company ... Read more

Melanomes (Caroline Strubbe, 1992)
A girl and an old man are stuck together in a strange place. Daily they sift through sand; 'You never believed in this story about pearls...Huh?" chides the old man. "I hate you...I hate you," thinks… Read more

MISFORTUNATES, THE (Felix van Groeningen, 2009)
“Blackout drinking, compulsive gambling, non-stop whoring and chronic fighting. Not exactly solid-citizen types.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Dimitri Verhulst's rambunctious semi-autobiographical no… Read more

Molokai: The Story of 'Father Damien' is the inspirational saga of idealistic Belgian priest Father Damien who gave his compassion, seemingly limitless energy and, ultimately, his life to an isolated… Read more

MONSIEUR HAWARDEN (Harry Kümel, 1968)
A coach arrives in a village in the Ardennes in the mid-nineteenth century bringing an elegant gentleman and his lady companion. Monsieur Hawarden is the surviving member of a family of Viennese aris… Read more

Moving Stories (Nicolas Provost, 2011)
Nicolas Provost (Long Live The New Flesh, MIFF 10 Best Experimental Short Film) returns with a fusion of stock footage and dialogue from a cult 1980s film to tell the story of a young couple embarkin… Read more

Mr. Plateau (Jean Brismée, 1964)
An absorbing tribute to the work of the cinematic pioneer, Joseph Plateau, who invented the phenakisticope. ... Prix du film scientifique, Anvers Festival; Special Jury Prize, Cannes Festival; Diplom… Read more

Mrs Foucault's Pendulum (Jean Marc Vervoort, 1994)
A strictly metered repressive regime regulates the Foucault household. Disruptions are not wel­come. Unfortunately for the domineering Mrs F the swing of things does not accommodate two small boy… Read more

Mumbler (Marc Roels and Wim Reygaert, 2007)
A young man making his daily walk in the Flemish countryside meets the hostile inhabitants of the region. Special Jury Prize at Clermont Ferrand 08. Australian premiere. --- D/S Marc Roels and Wim Re… Read more

NIGHT AND DAY (Chantal Akerman, 1991)
... ... Considering that she is one of the most con­sistently original filmmakers of our time, ifs difficult to explain the under-currency of Chantal Akerman's work. Put it down to the vagaries o… Read more

Noces de Plumes (Patrick Leoux, 1968)
M. Basu calls his psychiatrist. He has just had An Experience. An ordinary street led him to a ruined church where a wedding was in progress. He has fallen in love with the bride. Then at the cocktai… Read more

ON THE SLY (MA15+) (Olivier Ringer, 2011)
In a not-so far away land, not-so long ago, lived an ordinary little girl called Cathy... ... Suspecting she is invisible to her parents, six-year-old Cathy decides to test the theory by disappearing… Read more

Operation X 70 (Raoul Servais, 1971)
A powerful nation has experimented with a new gas, which does not kill or injure the asphyxiated subjects, only puts them in a lethargic and mystical state. ... X-70 gas bombs will be dropped by mist… Read more

ordeal, the (Fabrice du Welz, 2004)
Surreal, demented and freakish, [The Ordeal] has sparked comparisons to the holy triptych of 'survival' horror films: [The Texas Chainsaw Massacre], [Straw Dogs] and [Deliverance]. With an undercurre… Read more

OUR CHILDREN (Joachim Lafosse, 2012)
“Family tragedy intermingles with gender politics in a strong showing from Belgian auteur Joachim Lafosse.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Inspired by the disturbing true story of a woman who killed he… Read more

PALAVER (Emile Degelin, 1969)
Synopsis not available Read more

PAULINE AND PAULETTE (Lieven Debrauwer, 2001)
Screening at London, Pusan and Toronto as well as taking the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Special Mention) at Cannes, Pauline and Paulette has warmed hearts globally with its loveable characters. A … Read more

PINA BAUSCH (Chantal Akerman, 1983)
The film follows the dance group of Pina Bausch in Germany, Italy and Avignon in France during her most recent European tour. It shows the working atmosphere, the presentation, the intense rehearsals… Read more

Premier Amour (Bernard Garant, 2001)
This poignant love story centres on ten-year-old Pol. who has a crush on his classmate Justine. But getting close to her proves difficult, until a potentially embarrassing incident impels Justine to … Read more

PRIVATE LESSONS (Joachim Lafosse, 2008)
“Volatile male adolescence and adult irresponsibility react together in a claustrophobic hothouse environment.” - Screen International ... Aspiring tennis player Jonas is failing miserably at hig… Read more

Rediscovered Harmonies (L. Devoisy, 1954)
A survey of ancient musical instruments; some forefathers of those in use today, others obsolete. The music is contemporary, appropriately and carefully selected. ... Read more

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