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Films From East Germany

A Year Later (Winfried Junge, 1962)
A hidden camera is used to observe the first-form children of a primary school. Award: Silver Dove, Leipzig Festival. ... Read more

BELOVED WHITE MOUSE (Gottfried Kolditz, 1964)
In East Germany traffic police are nicknamed "white mice" because of the colour of their uniforms. The "white mouse" of this film is Fritz Bachman who, while on point duty, is attracted to a pretty g… Read more

Feldberg Fantasia (Gerhard Jentsch, 1965)
A fantasia for camera and orchestra in three movements: set in the natural beauty of the Feldberg Lake area of East Germany. ... Read more

FIVE CARTRIDGE CASES (Frank Beyer, 1960)
Spain, 1936. An officer and five volunteers of the International Brigade have been ordered to cover the retreat of the battalion which, out of ammunition, is forced to move back behind the Ebro. A si… Read more

LOVE'S CONFUSION (Slatan Dudlow, 1960)
Dieter is a medical student, Sonia is studying art, Siegi works in an office, Eddy is a mason. Dieter and Sonia are in love, so are Siegi and Eddy. But Siegi is fickle and Dieter is unsure of himself… Read more

The life and artistic development of the composer are presented against the background of the turbu­lent events which took place in Europe during his life lime. The entire film is based on docume… Read more

Matches (Katja Georgi, 1962)
The consequences of a dance of matches comprises this cautionary film. ... Read more

Measure for Measure (Günter Rätz, 1963)
An animated film, satirising individuals who make in­ferior goods whilst expounding the need for craftsmanship. ... Read more

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN (Peter Palitzch, Manfred Wekwerth, 1961)
Bertolt Brecht's chronicle from the Thirty Year's War concerns the camp follower Anna Fierling, known as "Mother Courage," who travels backwards and forwards across Europe with her sutler's waggon. S… Read more

NAKED AMONG WOLVES (Frank Beyer, 1963)
The most naturalistic films about the last war have come from the Communist countries — Czechoslo­vakia, Poland, Russia, and now, East Germany. The Iron Curtain countries view it with grey … Read more

PROFESSOR MAMLOCK (Konrad Wolf, 1961)
Friedrich Wolf's play has been filmed before by the U.S.S.R., but this version is directed by the author's son who also co-directed a previous festival film, Stars. ... The story begins early in 1933… Read more

Shunters (Jurgen Bottcher, 1984)
Day and night, n all weathers,the shunters are at work in the largest goods and shunting station in the DDR, in Dresden. An impressionistic documentary without commentary, which provides both an auth… Read more

STARS (Konrad Wolf, 1959)
Set in a small Bulgarian town in 1943, Stars is the story of a strange, unhappy love affair. This is what happened in the foothills of the mountains . . . A sergeant of the German Wehrmacht, a clever… Read more

Werner Holt has not had a real home since his parents were divorced. As a loyal member of the Hitler Youth he despises his father, who has fallen into disgrace with the authorities because of his hum… Read more

THE COLD HEART (Paul Verhoeven, 1950)
A dramatic fantasy, in colour, of a handsome young peasant who pledges his heart to an inimical wood demon in exchange for worldly prosperity. But without a heart, he loses the means of enjoying his … Read more

The Devil's Sooty Fellow (Jörg d'Bomba, 1965)
A puppet tale about a soldier returned from war who, finding his captain, his marshal and his king in hell, locks them up there to ensure the safety of the world from militarism. ... Read more

The Forgotten Little Doll (Hannes Hempel, 1956)
A puppet film without commentary: it is a simple tale of the teddy bear and other nursery animals and toys coming to the rescue of the doll which has been thrown into the corner. ... Read more

The Race (Günter Rätz, 1962)
An animated film which uses electronic music to desribe how Short and Long stage a race. Award: "International Technical Prize", Moscow Festival. ... Read more

THE RUSSIAN MIRACLE, PART ONE (Annelie Thorndike, Andrew Thorndike, 1963)
Annelie und Andrew Thorndike, directors of the notable compilation films, The German Story and Operation Teutonic Sword, have now produced, after more than four years of research, The Russian Miracle… Read more

The Secret Path (Kurt Weiler, 1957)
Karl often leaves his sisters and steals away to lay traps for birds. One day a wild boar pushes him into a pit but he is rescued by the aid of a clever rook. ... Read more

THE SILENT PLANET (Kurt Maetzig, 1960)
Seven men and one woman, from eight different countries, set out in 1970 for the first trip through space aboard the space ship "Kosmokrator I". Their destination is Venus. Here they find all the sig… Read more

The Stolen Nose (Kurt Weiler, 1956)
A puppet film. Three children make a snowman whose nose is stolen during the night but the children discover the thieves. ... Read more

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