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Films From Federal Republic of Germany

33 Years After (Karl H. Walloch, Harold Meinke, 1978)
Documentary on the trade with national-socialist products (books, records, medals and decorations) in West Germany in 1978. ... Read more

A Coal Mine in South Wales (Joachim Kreck, 1983)
In parts of New South Wales there are still mines under private ownership where work is conducted in methods similar to those of the 19th Century. Detailed, expressive imagery dispenses with narrativ… Read more

Camilla Horn Watching Herself Play Gretchen In Murnau's Silent Movie ‘Faust' (Hans Sachs, Hedde Rinneberg, 1981)
A film by: Hans Sachs and Hedda Rinneberg ... Leading player: Camilla Horn ... Read more

Fury is a Feeling Too (Cynthia Beatt, 1983)
Prize winner at 1984 MFF returns as part of the competition's 30th anniversary, with director Cynthia Beatt (The Party) Eluding easy catagonzation, this film is both a documentary on the city of Berl… Read more

Lucy (Verena Rudolph, 1984)
Lucy, my mother's sister, emigrated from a little Bavarian village to the United States in 1934. From that date she did not give any more news of herself. Fifty years later I went to New York (with a… Read more

Self-Service (Michael Muschner, 1984)
One can, if one has an appetite, eat a bowl of pea soup, and a sausage. One can, if one has an appetite for a really sad, funny, everyday story, watch how an old lady has an appetite for a bowl of pe… Read more

The Assault (Pia Frankenberg, 1984)
A party in a bar. Woman meets man... and slaps him. But things take an unexpected turn and a world-wide chain reaction begins... ... Read more

THE PATRIOT (Alexander Kluge, 1980)
Alexander Kluge is the leading polemicist of the German cinema and his searching examinations of modern German society which also seek to find new forms and methods of expression have placed his work… Read more

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