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Films From West Germany

A Berlin Lost (Richard Kostenaletz, 1985)
In this subtle visual history, the Jewish cemetery at Weissensee (now in East Berlin) and its evocative gravestones become an archeological window into a Berlin that no longer exists On the soundtrac… Read more

A Counterfeit Dream (Arno Ziebell, 1983)
A young painter sees a beautiful woman on the underground. Back in his studio he projects his fantasies and fears and finally gets completely confused. ... Read more

Ah! Ernesto (Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, 1983)
An obstinate, serious and bespectacled child realises the dream of all schoolchildren and rebels against the uselessness of school and teachers. The teacher loses face before the parents who are, in … Read more

AIDS: A VIRUS RESPECTS NO MORALS (Rosa von Praunheim, 1986)
A reactionary sauna boss whose boyfriend studies theology and sings in Bach choirs, a therapist who teaches death meditation and gymnastics to AIDS patients, a female reporter who dresses up as a mal… Read more

Allegro (Hugo Niebeling, 1970)
Three episodes about the joy of movement. ... Read more

A subjective impression of the vigorous growth and tremendous potentialities of a Brazil, rich in tradition but looking to the future; a film that does not attempt to give a reasoned, historical or g… Read more

Art in Our Time: Painting (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The film illustrates the development of modern painting, using the most important artists from Klee to Pollock. ... Read more

Art in Our Time: Sculpture (Alfred Ehrhardt, 1960)
The situation of sculpture in the middle of our century as shown by the works of the most famous international artists. ... Read more

Auto Auto (Haro Senft, 1964)
The whole world is just cars, cars, cars. ... Read more

Bad Blood for the Vampire (Li-san Tibodo, 1985)
Story of a lonely vampire living in Berlin and his search for mortality. One day his White Angel of Hope will come and they will live happily ever after. ... Read more

Balance (Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein, 1989)
Five figures move upon a floating platform trying to maintain their balance. This breathtaking short won this year's Academy Award for Best Animation.- (TB) ... Read more

Ballad of the Little Soldiers (Werner Herzog, 1984)
This documentary was shot in the spring of 1984, on the border between Nicaragua and Honduras. Herzog does the voice-over himself. The film is set in a village on the north-east Atlantic coast which … Read more

Ballet in Chile (Jorge Dilauro, 1961)
A report on the outstanding Ballet of the Chilean National Theatre at rehearsals and at a performance of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana". ... Read more

Bananen (Hans Peter Boffgen, Harry Reinen, 1986)
Synopsis not available Read more

Berlin Blue (Hartmut Jahn, Peter Wensierski, 1987)
A film combining disparate art forms (including the art of film itself) to paint a psychological portrait of the Berlin Wall's effect on the Germany psyche. ... Read more

Between Glass and Concrete (, 1961)
A survey of modern theatres in Western Germany. ... Read more

BLIND SPOT (Claudia von Alemann, 1980)
In Blind Spot, a woman historian ... fascinated by the diary kept by the ... nineteenth-century utopian socialist ... feminist, Flora Tristan, during the last ... few months of her life, refuses the … Read more

Bravo Papa 2040 (Susanne Franzel, 1989)
Pixillated film from the point of view of a fighter pilot flying toward its target...a peasant woman digging potatoes. ... Read more

Brutality in Stone (Peter Schamoni, 1960)
An essay on the official architecture of the National Socialist State with its stark style reflecting the inhumanity of the party's philosophy. The past is emphasized by ghostly snatches of the voice… Read more

CELESTE (Percy Adlon, 1981)
In the beginning, he referred to her only as "Madame". Then, for the first time and for all time, he called her "my dear Celeste". The words "my dear Celeste, today I have written — The End", a… Read more

CLASS RELATIONS (Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, 1984)
A surprise for Straub/Huillet devotees. Whilst maintaining their concern with a formal approach to the medium. complemented with the minimalist beauty that often results from such a discipline, their… Read more

CLASS RELATIONS (Jean-Marie Straub, Daniele Huillet, 1984)
The existential dilemma of Kafka's Amerika re-imagined as an insight into class struggle. ... The dark and poetic visions of Czech writer and unlikely national hero Franz Kafka have often lent themse… Read more

De Occulta Philosophia (Gabor Body, 1984)
A journey into the occult world of the 16th century via the computerised editing and synthesizer technologies of the 1980s. ... Read more

DELAY IN MARIENBORN (Rolf Hädrich, 1963)
A sealed American military train leaves Berlin nightly for West Germany with every passenger accounted for, thus is not subjected to Russian inspection en route. On this particular night the routine … Read more

DIARY OF A LOVER (Sohrab Shahid Saless, 1977)
This is the latest film from Iranian director Sohrab Shahid Saless, who is now based in Berlin. The protagonist of this film is supposedly the boy from Coming of Age (seen in last year's Festival), m… Read more

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