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Sex, power, high ideals and cut-throat enemies collide in this engaging untangling of a very American scandal. ... As New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer prosecuted the crimes of America's largest and wealthiest financial institutions. He swiftly ascended the rungs of power, and was elected to governor of New York in 2007 - but just over a year later, revelations that he frequented pros... Read more
Africa's wildest musician pioneered a genre, married 27 women, battled dictators and stoked a revolution. ... Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney (Magic Trio: Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool Place, MIFF 2011; Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Elliott Spitzer, MIFF 2011) tackles the extraordinary life of Nigerian musical pioneer, political maverick and global superstar Fela Kuti. ... The master d... Read more
“Much like Thompson at his best, this film will make you want to yell in frustration at America's continuing parade of liars, pimps and thieves.” - San Francisco International Film Festival ... Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side) turns his attention to the Wild Turkey-swilling, drug-addled, all-round genius and unwavering man-of-his-convictions, Hunter S. Thompson. ... Draw... Read more
"A strikingly varied and substantial portrait of an intensely complex artist." – Slant Magazine ... Legendary documentarian Alex Gibney (Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, MIFF 2015; Finding Fela, MIFF 14) turns his lens on the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, the inimitable James Brown. ... Bursting with Brown's sweat-drenched vamping and unmatched musical gifts, Mr Dynamite also peeks behi... Read more
"A riveting and important corrective to the myths Jobs helped to propagate." – The Guardian ... Steve Jobs is one of the most revered and controversial figures of our time. The late Apple founder inspired devotion for his revolutionary overhaul of the computer industry, and revulsion for reportedly shady and unethical business tactics. From the creation of the first personal computer in the back o... Read more
"Zero Days is reminiscent of that scene in Skyfall when Q tells 007 that he can do more damage with his laptop before his morning cup of Earl Grey than Bond can do in a year." – BBC ... Academy Award winning (for 2007's Taxi to the Dark Side) documentarian Alex Gibney (Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, MIFF 2015; Finding Fela!, MIFF 2014) turns his fine-tuned investigative eye to the frightening... Read more
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