Films By Babis Makridis

“L should leave us in no doubt that something fascinating is happening in Greek film." - Senses of Cinema ... Man lives in his car. His existence consists of delivering honey - one jar at a time - to a narcoleptic man, and meeting up with his estranged wife and kids, who live in a different car. When Man is fired from his delivery job, he gives up his car and searches for freedom with a motorbike ... Read more
A lawyer mourning his comatose wife gets addicted to misery in this quintessentially bleak and absurdist Greek New Wave comedy, from the co-writer of The Lobster and Dogtooth. ... His wife in a coma after an accident, a crisply-suited, robotically rigid lawyer (Yannis Drakopoulos, Chevalier, MIFF 2015) becomes hooked on a routine of sadness, willing to do whatever it takes to evoke the pity of oth... Read more
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