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Ana and the Others (Ana y los otros) ArgentinaAfter living in Buenos Aires for a number of years, 25-year-old Ana returns to her small Argentine hometown of Paraná. Catching up with former friends and visiting all her old haunts, Ana notices a distinct difference between her 'sophisticated' worldview and the backwards outlook of the town's inhabitants. Ostensibly in Paraná for a school reunion, An... Read more
“Filmmaker Celina Murga applies her sensitive, observant perspective on young people's behavior and thoughts to her superb foray into nonfiction.” - Variety ... This Wiseman-esque portrait of a typical public - normal - school in its run up to student council elections is an assured first documentary from talented feature director Celina Murga (Ana And The Others, MIFF 04). ... Expertly edited, wi... Read more
"Celina Murga's exquisite feel for small-town life, and of the private worlds inhabited by children and adolescents, is on full display in The Third Side of the River." – Variety ... Being the son of a doctor isn't everything it seems for 16-year-old Nico. His father is a respected figure, but he lives a double life: one with Nico and his mother and siblings; and the other, mere blocks away, with ... Read more
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