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Films By Craig Baldwin

O No Coronado is an ultra fast-paced, aggres­sive 'head job' of a history lesson. Baldwin (Tribulation 99) propels us into a journey of epic proportions as we follow the phantas­magoric exploits of the Spanish conquistador Coronado in his search for the elusive seven cities of gold. Leaving ... Read more
... ... Craig Baldwin, outlaw filmmaker (Tribulation 99, O No Coronado!), has found the perfect materi­al on which to wield his mighty editing knife and vast found-footage collection. Sonic Outlaws begins as a freewheeling portrait of Oakland-based noise band Negativland, which was sued by ... Read more
Before there was the X-Files, there was Craig Baldwin. In 1991 Baldwin concocted Tribulation 99, a hoax documentary at knitted together dozens of the kind of conspiracy theories that have left Mulder and Scully hopping for many a creepy episode. Baldwin's humourous twist was at every unexplained ... Read more
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