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Chainsaw (Dennis Tupicoff, 2007)
Love is like a chainsaw, a very dangerous beast indeed. Screened at Annecy, awarded the Grand Jury Prize in Oberhaussen.---D/S Dennis Tuppicoff P Fiona Cochrane WS Jungle Pictures TD 35mm/2008/24mins ... Read more

Dance of Death (Dennis Tupicoff, 1983)
Little Sally Roberts loves television violence-particularly her favourite variety show: "Dance of Death". ... Read more

His Mother's Voice (Dennis Tupicoff, 1997)
Using as its source a radio interview from the ABC's current affairs program The World Today in which a Queensland mother recounts how she came to learn of her son s shooting in 1995, Dennis Tupicoff… Read more

The Darra Dogs (Dennis Tupicoff, 1993)
A collection of warm and haunting memories from the filmmaker's childhood experience with neighbourhood dogs. The artwork is strongly coloured eel and pencil-drawn anima­tion and conveys a sense … Read more

The First Interview (Dennis Tupicoff, 2011)
The world's first media interview, shot in Paris in 1886, finally comes to life. Narrated by Agnès Varda. ... D/S Dennis Tupicoff P Fiona Cochrane, Dennis Tupicoff L English, French w/English subtit… Read more

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