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Damon the Mower (George Dunning, 1972)
An experimental film illustrating a poem on the theme of Death and the Maiden. ... Read more

Sketches from ‘The Tempest' (George Dunning, 1979)
The film, as it stands, is all that was completed by George Dunning, the great British animator, before his tragic death last year. Much of it is in pencil form (done on paper to check the animation … Read more

The Chair (George Dunning, 1967)
Two aspects of linguistics are demonstrated in this Elm. The first is a series of spontaneous effects intended to make a good impression without actually saying anything. The second shows words used … Read more

The Ever Changing Motor Car (George Dunning, Alan Ball, 1962)
Imaginative animation is used in this cartoon, which forms a mock-serious study of the changes in design and colour of the motor car. The reasons for the changes are investigated and we are left happ… Read more

The Flying Man (George Dunning, 1962)
This simple story, about a man who can fly and another who tries, is an enjoyable divertissement using water-colours. ... Read more

The Maggot (George Dunning, 1973)
Heroin addiction among school age American Negroes. The dealer and his horrifying alter ego. the vulture, are finally rejected. ... Prix D'Information, Annecy, 1973. ... Read more

The Wardrobe (George Dunning, 1961)
Two men have trouble with a box... ... Read more

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