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Films By Giorgio Mangiamele

A murderer on the run finds refuge in the house of an unsuspecting potter and his daughter. The man and the girl fall in love but a jealous employee call the police. ... This simple tale is told with remarkable visual poetry through its atmospheric exterior photography, and beautifully composed and ... Read more
A sculptress living in a remote artists' compound provides refuge to a wounded stranger, setting the scene for a dangerous love triangle. ... When Margot provides the exhausted Nick with shelter, little does she know that she's inviting into her home a murderer on the run from police. Soon the two ... Read more
In Ninety-Nine Percent, Mangiamele's only comedy, Italian widower Joseph Pino and his young son Peter live a chaotic and deeply opposed life. However their relationship begins to heal as they embark on a quest to find Joseph a wife. ... D/P Giorgio Mangiamele Dist NFSA TD 35mm/1963 ... Screens with ... Read more
A portrait of growing up as a newly arrived migrant in 1950s Melbourne, The Spag revolves around Giovannino, a young Italian paperboy. When his father dies, his mother wants to return to Italy, but Giovannino wants to stay, despite always being the 'dago' and 'spag'. ... D/P Giorgio Mangiamele Dist ... Read more
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