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Two London boys are evacuated to a farm during the 1940 blitz. Unaccustomed to the countryside, one is rescued from ... the river by a stranded German pilot. ... The boys in turn help the pilot and his wounded companion. The drama poses moral questions of weight and relevance. It ... avoids patronising children whilst providing good entertainment for audiences of all ages. ... Production company d... Read more
An old man's life has. in a way. become the ultimate expression of lhat much-discussed twentieth century condition — the failure of communication. ... City of Krakow Prize, 1964. Diploma of Merit, Edinburgh Festival. ... Read more
The impression of a day at an average Primary School. The main theme of the film is the relationship which develops between child and teacher during the early years of education. Sequences which include classroom and individual instruction, the improvised performance of a play, indoor and outdoor recreation, illustrate the varied but well-balanced curriculum provided during these formative years. ... Read more
A documentary film about the treatment of the native population of South Africa. The abject misery, the injustice, the stupidities of apartheid, are shown with revealing forthrightness. ... Read more
A refreshing approach to a careers guidance film which uses stimulating dramatisation to show students what sort of jobs to select. Reginald Marsh plays all the leading adult roles. ... Read more
A ghost story with a twist, this mystery is highly recommended for the 8-10 age group. shot in Derbyshire, the film takes its tale from the famous self-sacrifice by the villagers, who during the plague of 1665, walled themselves in to prevent the spread of the disease. One family smuggles its child out but the boy is driven to his death by the people from the neighbouring village. When a family ar... Read more
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