Films By Kamila Andini

When Diana's husband presents her with a chart revealing his plan to take on a second wife, she finds herself having to build a new life of her own. The new film by Kamila Andini (The Mirror Never Lies, MIFF 2012). ... Read more
Haunted by traumas suffered during the war in East Timor, a woman tries to leave her memories behind while offering support to her daughter who wants to get married. A film about the real meaning of freedom by Kamila Andini (Following Diana, MIFF 2016; The Mirror Never Lies, MIFF 2012). ... Read more
“Lyrically evokes a way of life organically coexisting with the ocean.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Pakis is a 12-year-old Bajo - an Indonesian ethnic group who live off the sea in wooden houses on stilts. Pakis' father is missing and presumed dead, but she believes he is still alive and will one day return to her and her mother. ... With the help of her ever-cheerful best friend Lumo, Pakis searches... Read more
Winner of Best Youth Feature Film at the 2017 Asia Pacific Screen Awards, the second feature from Melbourne-trained Indonesian writer/director Kamila Andini turns impending loss into a poignant, poetic dreamscape. ... Whether frolicking through fields or stealing eggs from shrines, 10-year-old twins Tantri and Tantra are inseparable – and when Tantra falls gravely ill, it’s a bond that even his co... Read more
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