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Films By Krzsystof Kieslowski

BLIND CHANCE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1982)
'When Krzysztof Kieslowski finished the film in 1982, the curtain of martial law had already descended on Poland - so Blind Chance was immediately resigned to the shelves for the duration. ... The st… Read more

CAMERA BUFF (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1979)
The Polish cinema has produced new directors in recent years who have started to make films in which one can find some genuine and positive contemporary social criticism. Led by Krzysztof Zanussi, a … Read more

Refrain (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1972)
This bitter satire undertakes the universal and timeless problem of 'man and office'. Precisely— what is man's place in the world he has created for himself? ... Read more

THE DECALOGUE (Krzsystof Kieslowski, 1989)
One of the most ambitious, monumental and remarkable achievements of filmmaking of the past decade is The Decalogue, Kryzstof Kieslowski's adaption of the Ten Commandments. The project arrives with n… Read more

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