Films By Manuela Alberti

Born in 1917, Lyndall Hendnkson's life has been one of extremities, from childhood violin prodigy to fame and wealth, to polio, paralysis and poverty. She has received worldwide acclaim for her unorthodox methods for teaching music, and achieved remarkable success both with very gifted children as well as those with severe autism. ... The film focuses on Lyndall's current work with the ten year ol... Read more
My Place is a video 8 documentary exploring certain personalities around a discotheque-club in Maroochydore, Queensland, circa 1987. The treatment is naive, the film has the look and feel very much of a home movie while the off screen interviewer elicits strange familiarity from the subjects of the film. ... The film's charm rests with the frank disclosure of its characters. The working class type... Read more
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