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Films By Masahiro Shinoda

A stranger appears in a drought stricken area His appearance is greeted with mysterious suspicion. He arrives deep in the mountains and encounters a beautiful woman He notices that the river flows and she explains that its source is the Demon Pond. ... Eventually he discovers that the woman's ... Read more
Masahiro Shinoda made his first film in 1960, and was immediately hailed as one of the Japanese New Wave. Since then he has made fourteen films, the most recent of which is Double Suicide, which, like his other work, reveals a complex concern for the limits which social conventions place upon the ... Read more
Shinoda's second adaptation of an 18th century puppet play by Chikamatsu is very different from the earlier DOUBLE SUICIDE (1969) — more realistic, less flamboyant, less experimental in that there is no attempt now made to deconstruct the film image. However, despite the surface realism, and ... Read more
Takehiko returns from a pre-historic land to his own country which is ruled by the words of the sun god. Only Himiko can hear and understand these messages, and she relays them to the king, his two sons, and an old man named Nashime, One day, Takehiko goes out hunting and becomes lost. While ... Read more
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