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Films By Michael rubbo

Daisy feels she needs a facelift. ... The film follows her through all the stages, from the preliminary visit with the surgeon, to the actual operation. Interspersed with Daisy's story is an examination of other aspects of cosmetic surgery and the value system that has created this industry. ... Read more
Who really wrote Shakespeare? Even the director of London's Globe theatre has his doubts. Melbourne-born filmmaker Michael Rubbo probes experts from London to Seattle, arriving at a film essay of incredible wit and charm. Starting with American eccentric scholar Calvin Hoffman - who claimed that ... Read more
OK Camera takes the viewer behind the scenes during the on-location shooting of several major Quebec film productions, including Kamouraska, starring Genevieve Bujold. Film makers, stars and fans speak out on the world's youngest film industry, now developing rapidly in French Canada. ... Read more
This is a film on the other Saigon, where bombs seldom fall and blood seldom flows. It shows what some of the ordinary people who have grown up on the fringe of perpetual war, do and feel: the children, quickly grown old in the ways of wartime living; the "bar-girls" at home; the pedal-car driver ... Read more
Synopsis not available Read more
A documentary about the new currents of political and philosophical thought in France. The debate centres on people interviewed at the time of the French elections, which the Left was slated to win. The film features the so-called 'new philosophers', the children of '68 who have now turned against ... Read more
The first fiction feature by documentary director Michael Rubbo, the solution of the title refers to a magical cure for hair restoration devised by the ghosts of two tramps for a bold boy called Michael. ... Michael's sense of daring had caused his premature baldness: he had been drawn to an old ... Read more
In the face of modern techniques, whales face extinction. The film gives an account of the current debate about whaling, and the efforts of the Canadian-sponsored Project Jonah to stop the slaughter. ... Read more
Jo wins a scholarship to study art at a city art school, where she hopes to learn to paint like her hero, Vincent Van Gogh. One day she meets a mysterious art dealer, who buys some of her drawings. He pays her handsomely and returns to Amsterdam. Soon after, Jo sees a magazine article about the ... Read more
In 1974, an interview was arranged between two Canadians and Fidel Castro, and Michael Rubbo tagged along to make a record of the conversation. While waiting to be called by Castro, the Canadians were shown various aspects of Cuba, and their sharply different reactions were recorded by Rubbo. Maybe ... Read more
Glimpses of life in Indonesia, in and around Jakarta. This film is a chance, unscripted view of people in the city and a nearby village, in this crescent of islands, nothing goes by the book. ... Read more
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