Films By Miguel Arteta

Salma Hayek and John Lithgow go head-to-head as a Mexican masseuse and her billionaire dinner partner in Miguel Arteta's brilliantly drawn parable of Trump's America. ... Beatriz (Hayek) is a SoCal massage therapist with a spiritual bent. After her car breaks down during a home visit with billionaire's wife Cathy, Beatriz is invited to stay the night – and attend the lavish dinner party being thro... Read more
“A wistful, equally tender and raunchy comedy of self-discovery… the jokes sing as well as zing.” - New York Times ... Tim Lippe (The Hangover's Ed Helms) is a naive 34-year-old insurance salesman who has never moved out of the family home. But his life begins to open up after he's unexpectedly delegated to go to the company's annual insurance convention. Finding himself for the first time in a pr... Read more
"Chuck and Buck were once 'best friends', a relationship that means so much to children but fades once the innocence that formed it is gone. For Buck this innocence has never gone away. His interests are infantile; his pursuits are childish. He is 27 years old but still lives with his mother. When she dies, reality crashes in on him. Stubbornly resistant to change, he cannot cope Chuck reappears i... Read more
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