Films By Pascal Aubier

Man's exploitation by man automatically creates violence. And man's exploitation by man — the worst of all the forms of aggression — always ends in death. ... Read more
A man notices as he wakes up that his bedroom is behaving like a train. Outside the window, the countryside rushes past. The room/train brakes and then stops. The man gets out on to the platform and then on to the rails to see what is happening to him. An express train rushes up and runs over him. ... Read more
A soldier flees from battle and finds happiness for a time in a village. He is finally found and killed as a deserter. Three children he has befriended, take his gun. ... Read more
The bete-noire of current revolutionaries has become not so much the conservative or the reactionary, but the liberal—in particular the academic intellectual who appears only to be paying lip service to his professed liberal principles. ... The film is alternatively a put-down of idealistic left-wing revolutionary aspirants, and a satire on how a writer discovers life. ... A rather pompous intelle... Read more
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