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Director Paul Morrissey, long-time associate of Andy Warhol and creator of such films as Trash, Frankenstein, Dracula, and Heat, takes us on a journey through a different sort of jungle: the streets of New York. Forty-Second Street is FortyDeuce, as the junkies, hookers, dope dealers and con men affectionately call it. The film is divided into two sections: the first presents the street scene and ... Read more
Rita la Punta is a Brazilian drug dealer who has made her home in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She recruits Hispanics under the age of 15 as they are too young to be prosecuted for murder. She muscles in on the drug monopolies, the suppliers and the dealers. Overprotective towards Thiago. her son who seems not to be the "full quid". Rita's gang soon finds itself involved in a full scale war. ... Read more
Trash deals with humans close to despair, but its tone is a comic one. Joe's problem is impotence, the result of his addiction to heroin. This film traces the various attempts made to revivify his drooping manhood and to rid him of his craving for artificial stimulation. Geri, a stripper, goes through an elaborate ritual, but to no avail. Holly, a drag queen, is Joe's room-mate, who encourages him... Read more
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