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Balance 1950 (Peter Sachs, 1952)
I.C.I.'s balance sheet for 1950. Animated drawings and a witty commentary make a fascinating film out of a "dull" subject. ... Read more

Enterprise (Peter Sachs, 1951)
Brilliant colour cartoon linking the business acumen of a potter in ancient Egypt with the activities of I.C.I. today. The rhymed commentary combined with the admirable visuals make this an outstandi… Read more

For Better, For Worse (John Halas, Peter Sachs, 1961)
Taking an average viewer as its champion, this cartoon demonstrates satirically how television can be a pleasure and a source of information or, if taken in too large a dose, can mesmerize and engulf… Read more

Without Fear (Peter Sachs, 1952)
A ... brilliantly executed cartoon emphasizing the importance of freedom and the need for co-operation among European nations in order that people may be strong and prosperous, and free from poverty … Read more

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