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AURéVéLATEUR (Philippe Garrel,Philip Brophy, 2004)
'A child of 1968 and the Nouvelle Vague, with a particular admiration for Godard, Philippe Garrel's first films are underground works, hermetic visions of artistic alienation... These were Garrel's w… Read more

BODY MELT (Philip Brophy, 1993)
When Philip Brophy describes his first feature as "the suburbs on weird drugs", he's not just milking a cute turn of phrase - it's the plot in five words! When an ambitious doctor tests his new body … Read more

Club Video (Philip Brophy, 1986)
A dual monitor Installation designed to steal the show. ... Read more

Depictions (Philip Brophy, 1986)
Depictions are the evidence of acts of depiction. From cartoons of J.R. to B.B.C. weather maps of Ireland, to pages from Zora comics to 'Wildstyle' Letraset - what is centred on in this tape is the a… Read more

Locations (Philip Brophy, 1987)
A portrait of Melbourne as a typical city with its shrines of consumption and entertainment. The shrines are (in no particular order), drive-ins, sex shops, fast food restaurants and neon signs. The … Read more

No Dance (Philip Brophy, 1985)
'An experimental documentary on dancing and its part in subcultures from punk to electro." Philip Brophy ... Remade from 1982 Super 8. ... Read more

SALT, SALIVA, SPERM & SWEAT (Philip Brophy, 1988)
What motivates society to embrace a cinema dominated by elements of sex, violence, horror and terror? Using a day in the life of an ordinary office worker as its central story, Salt, Saliva, Sperm an… Read more

The Celluloid Self (Philip Brophy, 1984)
"A look at the relationships between character, person. figure, star, persona and personality." Philip Brophy ... Remade from 1982 Super 8 original. ... Read more

The Opening Ceremony of the 1980 Moscow Olympics as Televised by HSV Channel 7 (Philip Brophy, 1983)
"A textual reconstruction of the televising of the 1980 Moscow Olympics Opening Ceremony." Philip Brophy ... Blow-up of 1980 Super 8. ... Read more

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