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Films By Reece Auguiste

... ... The documentary form is under review. Audiences do not need to accept the tired formulae which television imposes on docu­mentary filmmakers. The tyranny is powerful, and well established in Australia. ... ... ... This documentary from the Black Audio Film Collective in London, with its ... Read more
... ... This is another richly evocative work from the Black Audio Film Collective in the UK The collective's earlier work has been screened at previous festivals in the context of the British film and television workshops and Channel Four commissionings ... ... ... In Twilight City, a Sunless-like ... Read more
... ... Twilight City won the MFF's Grand Prix for Best Short Film in 1989. Due to airline delays, however, the print was never screened (only a video was available), making this a much-welcomed addition to the Festival, which this year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Short Film Awards. ... Read more
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