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Films By Roger Scholes

An elderly woman living in a nursing home recalls images of the wild and isolated land she is no longer able to visit. The film recalls the winter journeys of her childhood in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. ... Read more
... ... Perth in the late 40s - a suburban community hall turns into a unique Aboriginal meeting place, the Coolbaroo Club In a city with an unofficial apartheid policy, the club was an anomaly—a classy dance hall visited by black celebrities from all over Australia and even overseas, such as ... Read more
The Last Tall Forests is an inspirational journey into the tall forests of South West Tasmania. From the vantage point of the wedge-tailed eagle soaring above the tree tops, to the close-up world of insects and furry mites, every level of forest life is explored. A custom-designed tracking system ... Read more
In 1800, the master of a sealing boat, having survived a year on a remote island in Bass Strait, attempts to escape. ... Read more
This true story of the transformation of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia has the feel of an anaent fable Blind, 90-year-old Baba Damtew xecalls the changes m his valley from child­hood through the dreadful years of famine, and the possibilities of the future. Beautifully shot and carefully ... Read more
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