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Films By Slamet Rahardjo

Encouraged by letters promising good earnings in Djakarta a young woman sets out by train for the capital. She finds the inhuman reality of city life a bittersweet experience. Djakarta has ruined many a dream but you can keep your self respect as long as you have left it back in your home village. ... Read more
My Sky, My Home is a gentle, thoughtful, humorous film made deliberately to be suitable for adults and for children, and succeeds in doing this. Why then should this film - suitable even for children - have been contraversial in Indonesia? ... Andri, aged about 12, lives a sheltered life with his ... Read more
This film has been described in Variety as an Indonesian melodrama that harks back to Hollywood of the 40s, and by Jerry Liu as a family drama that possesses a rigour and a stylised structure. The film does indeed have a melodramatic denouement, and shares some structural characteristics of ... Read more
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