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ANGEL OF THE WIND (Tahir Cambis, 2008)
"When filming wars, I noticed everybody had a sense of their roles as actors in a grand tragedy - imbuing moments that could be their last with spiritual dimensions. Here, the actor is a portal - to … Read more

ANTHEM (Tahir Cambis, 2004)
Anthem Australia From the plight of asylum seekers in Australia to the desperate situation of refugees on the frontlines of Afghanistan, Anthem is a powerful new documentary from Tahir Cambis (Exile … Read more

EXILE IN SARAJEVO (Tahir Cambis, Alma Sahbaz, 1997)
Multiculturalism under siege. Exile In Sarajevo is a passionate and persona! account of the siege of Sarajevo, from the viewpoint of Bosnian-Australian Tahir Cambis and Sarajevan, Alma Sahbaz. ... Th… Read more

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