Films By Vittorio de Sica

De Sica has described his film as “a fable for children - especially of the grown-up variety - a comedy with an undercurrent of tragedy”. The title he originally wanted was The Poor are Disturbing, but the producer preferred the present version. ... The importance and originality of the film lies in its successful combining of fantastic and realistic elements and yet managing to be a satire on soc... Read more
"Giovanni Alberti is an unforgettable character in a very memorable film." – The Film Review ... Businessman Giovanni is living way beyond his means in swinging Rome: cash-flowing a wife with expensive tastes and keeping pace with the sun-tanned crowd they run with. Up to his eyeballs in debt, he's now desperate enough to consider a bizarre financial lifeline. ... This stylish and biting comedy co... Read more
The Children Are Watching Us was de Sica's first serious attempt at realism. ... An adaptation of a novel by Cesare Giulio Viola, the literary and elaborate ... script provides a vivid illustration of his ... attitude of that time: he wanted his films ... to be “a word in favour of the poor and ... the unhappy”. ... The film is seen from a child's point ... of view a boy watches his mother ... hav... Read more
De Sica's film is a faithful, yet fully cinematic transfer to the screen of Giorgio Bassani's semi-autobio-graphical novel of the same title. ... The Finzi-Continis, a wealthy, aristocratic Jewish family, lead a secluded life on their splendid estate in the northern Italian town of Ferrara. It is 1938, and they vainly hone that the vulgarities of fascism will not touch their ivory existence. ... T... Read more
With this film it would seem that the so-called ‘neo realist' movement in Italian film production reached its zenith. Political influence and the growing concern of the Italian film industry with markets abroad have shaped the course of later productions more towards less uncompromising subjects and with a definite eye to world-wide box office appeal. ... Set in contemporary Rome it is a film of a... Read more
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