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Films By Zia Mandviwalla

Alone in a foreign country Amadi knows that a person's face can never tell their full story - but his heartbreak and that of his neighbour may be more similar than he realises. ... --- ... D/S Zia Mandviwalla P Owen Hughes WS NZ Film Commission L English, Rwandan w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2010 ... Read more
Nine year old Raj and his sister while away their long summer holidays of 1982 doing housework and watching found porn videos. Confronted by their strict mother, the truth slips out and the loss of childhood innocence is complete and irretrievable.---D Zia Mandviwalla S Shuchi Kothari P Sarina ... Read more
Salote does the night shift as an airport cleaner, picking up what others have left behind in order to survive. This latest film by MIFF Accelerator alumni Zia Mandviwalla (Amadi, 2010) screened in competition at Cannes this year. ... D/S Zia Mandviwalla P Matt Noonan, Chelsea Winstanley WS NZ Film ... Read more
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