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Poet and Painter No. 2 (John Halas, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

REPAST (Mikio Naruse, 1951)
The Okamotos are a young couple who married for love rather than by family arrangement, but after a few years and no children, their romantic illusions have vanished. They live in an ordinary Osaka n… Read more

Shell Cinemagazine No. 19 (J. A. Cartwright, 1951)
Deals with the extraordinary manoeuvrability of the Westland Sikorsky Dragonfly Helicopter; special precautions taken to avoid the danger of allowing uncut grass to grow on airfields used by jet airc… Read more

Song Of The Prairie (Jiri Trnka, 1951)
This puppet film is a lively and effective parody of the false romanticism and shoddy adventure stories characteristic of Hollywood's fifth-rate Westerns. Jiri Trnka is one of the leading producers o… Read more

Soviet Whalers (I. Setkina, 1951)
A record of the voyage of a whaling fleet in search of blue and sperm whales. Sequences show the actual hunt, the catching, and the processing of the carcasses on the factory ship. The film also deal… Read more

Steps Of Age (Ben Maddow, 1951)
A presentation of some of the emotional problems experienced by a woman of 62 who, after her husband's retirement and eventual death, starts a new life living with her daughter's family. The film dra… Read more

... ... A pivotal science fiction film, the themes explored in The Day The Earth Stood Still have been recurrent since Wise depicted visiting alien diplomat Michael Rennie and his mono­lithic rob… Read more

THE IDIOT (Akira Kurosawa, 1951)
Dostoevsky is Kurosawa's favourite author, and in Prince Myushikin, he admires the character's compassion and near godlike quality. ... In The Idiot, Prince Myushikin becomes a Japanese returning fro… Read more

The Invisible Link (Geoffrey Collings, 1951)
The part played by the Post Office in Australian broadcasting in 1951, featuring the men behind the scenes. ... First Prize Documentary Section, Jubilee Film Awards 1951. ... Read more

The Legend Of The Wanganui River (John Feeny, 1951)
Views of the Wanganui River from its source to the sea illustrate the ancient ... Maori legend of how the river was carved by Taranaki's journey in the long and distant past. ... Read more

The Longhouse People (Allan Wargon, 1951)
Synopsis not available Read more

The Pythoness (Kathleen Raine, 1951)
No synopsis provided ... Read more

The Raven (Lewis Jacobs, 1951)
Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" is illustrated by engravings by the French artist. Gustave Dore. ... Read more

Trance and Dance in Bali (Gregory Bateson, Margaret Mead, 1951)
An authentic unstaged record of a Balinese ceremonial dance drama in which the never-ending struggle between the witch and the dragon, the death dealing and the life protecting, is played out to the … Read more

V For Volunteers (Leslie McFarlane, 1951)
Designed for use by social, culture and welfare agencies enlisting volunteer workers. Emphasizes that too many people expect that all social services are the responsibility of federal, state and muni… Read more

Van Meegeren's Faked Vermeers (Jan Botermans, G. A. Magnel, 1951)
In 1937 the art world was startled by the discovery of a canvas, "Christ at Emmaus", recognised by the famous expert. Bredius, as an authentic Vermeer. In the years that followed many similar paintin… Read more

Waters of Time (Basil Wright, Bill Launder, 1951)
Combines a series of impressions of the Thames from the mouth up to Kingston with a straightforward view of the daily routine of the Port. In the factual passages part of the commentary is spoken by … Read more

Wedlock (Ed Spiegel, Louis Clyde Stoumen, 1951)
This satirical phantasy is a parody on the "symbolism" of the more cliche-ridden experimental cinema productions. ... Read more

Winter Moths (J. V. Durden, 1951)
One of "Plant Pests and Diseases" Series. Deals with Winter Moths, which are particularly harmful in the fruit-growing areas of Britain, France, Holland, and Denmark. ... Read more

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