GODDESS OF MERCY (2004) [feature]

China (MIFF 2004 , DOA New Crime Cinema)
Director: Ann Hui

Goddess of Mercy (Yu Guanyin) China

Undercover cops don't have long careers in China's Yunnan province. In the border town of Nande, dope smugglers live by the rule that no witnesses means no trial. Surprised in the middle of a major deal, they'd rather shoot it out with a small army of drug squad agents than risk jail time. Into this unforgiving world steps idealistic rookie An Xin. Already doing it tough as a female officer in a wild town, An risks her own life and the lives of all those dear to her by going deep undercover.

The story begins in flashback, with An relocated to the city with a new identity and a dead-end job as a gym cleaner. The persistent Yang Rui becomes besotted with An, sacrificing his prime job, relationship and bank balance to help her out. Yang can barely conceive of An's extraordinary double life but reality comes crashing in when a dealer she helped put away escapes from custody.

Director Ann Hui's skills shine throughout the film. Amazing scenery, extreme personalities, perilous situations and passionate affairs are woven into a first-rate crime saga. Plot twists abound in a script that will keep you guessing until the last shot is fired.

D Ann Hui P Yang Bu Ting, Li Ba Lun S Ivy Ho WS Universe Film Distribution Co. Ltd L Mandarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/109mins

Ann Hu was born in Anshan, China in 1947. Films include: Zodiac Killer (1991), Ordinary Heroes (1998), July Rhapsody (2002).

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