HOT HOUSE (2006) [feature]

Israel (MIFF 2007 , Stars of David)
Director: Shimon Dotan

A rare insight into the mind and motivations of Hamas. In the run-up to last year's Palestinian election, Romanian-born filmmaker Shimon Dotan gained access to four Israeli high security prisons, which house - among other inmates - Palestinians serving multiple life sentences for their parts in organising terrorist acts. Dotan concentrates, in particular, on members of Hamas. Included is a chilling interview with the organiser of the Sbarro bombing in Tel Aviv and with failed suicide bombers - all in an effort to understand the thinking and rationale behind such acts. Intriguingly, Hot House also examines the central role that prisons play in the Palestinian political process, with many of the prisoners even running for seats in the Palestinian legislature.

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D/S Shimon Dotan P Arik Bernstein, Jonathan Aroch, Dikla Barkai, Shimon Dotan WS Alma Films L Hebrew, Arabic w/English subtitles TD betaSP/2006/89mins

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