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A former badminton champion, a tormented young boy, a girl who eats firecrackers and a cheesy 80s pop song you can't get out of your head.

Captivating in its array of characters and their circumstances, Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly is young Indonesian director Edwin's exposé of the enigma that is being Chinese in Indonesia.

The answer to this riddle is tangled up in a complexity of superstition, tradition, nationalism, identity and displacement.

In this compelling journey into the society of our nearest neighbour, Edwin's film is provocative and playful in its desire to question authority, tradition and history through cinema in post-Suharto Indonesia.

“When I view Indonesia, it's like a mix of a lot of problems. Everything is so abstract, so surreal, so beautiful, and you hate it and you love it at the very same moment.” - Edwin

--- D/S Edwin P Meiske Taurisia WS Babibutafilm L Indonesian w/English subtitles TD betacamsp/2008