A TOUCH OF ZEN (1972) [Feature]

Hong Kong (MIFF 1983 , Missed Films of Masters)
Director: King Hu

The film is based on a tale by P'u Sung-
Ling , a poor scholar, who lived at the
end of the 17th century. The director
combined the filming of “The Heroic
Maid”, a simple story, with the philosophical concept of Zen, to make it more
effective. The story is set in a remote
village in the North of China, at the time
of the Ming Dynasty. A young scholar,
Ku Sheng-Chai, falls in love with a mysterious girl, who has moved into the neighbourhood.

When she is provoked by a stranger,
Ou-Yang Nien, to a duel, she fights with
great fervour and skill, and later tells Ku
her story: she is the daughter of a great
political leader, who had been tortured
to death by Ou-Yang Nien and his
“Eastem Group”, the all-powerful
secret police. She managed to escape
with the help of Hui-Yuan, a Buddhist
priest, and now Yang is waiting for a
chance to take revenge for her father' s
death. While still talking, Ku and Yang
are being attacked by two contingents of
the Eastern Group, but with great ability
they light them off . Hui-Yang then takes
Yang to a monastery, where she gives
birth to Ku's baby.

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