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A mega-budget Korean, sci-fi thrill-ride, Yesterday takes its influences from Blade Runner and The Matrix via James Cameron's Dark Angel TV series and Silence of the Lambs. A malevolent, super-intelligent serial killer is bumping off senior police, scientists and even children in daring, dangerous and down-right peculiar fashion. The crack SI unit are called in to stem the tide of blood but are shattered when the young son of their team leader, Seok, becomes the next victim.

Remotely piloted surveillance insects, bold assassination plots, hovering advertising billboards drifting across the Seoul skyline and wildly futuristic costume flair are just the icing on the cake. Yesterday's plot is no Grisham pot-boiler either: a shadowy government genetic research project, mind control and an ice-cold killer combine to propel the film with the velocity of one of the thousands of bullets that criss-cross the screen. Add to that a supporting cast of man-made freaks and underworld trash and you've got teeth-grinding suspense until the final explosive frame.