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Israel, 2004 (MIFF 2004, Homelands The Middle East in Focus)

Director: Ra'anan Alexandrowicz

James' Journey to Jerusalem (Massa'ot James Be'eretz Hakodesh) Israel

'a charmer' which turns an ironic mirror on a certain portion of contemporary Israeli society through the eyes of an ingenuous migrant worker. Befitting its childlike title, there's a fable-like quality to James' Journey to Jerusalem that packs just as much punch as a more 'serious', didactic movie while entertaining the viewer at the same time.' -Variety

In the imaginary African village of Entshongweni, far from Western civilization, young James is chosen to undertake a mission: a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. But Israel is no longer the Holy Land that James and his people imagined. At the airport, James is suspected of trying to infiltrate the country in order to work illegally and is jailed, destined for deportation. After praying to God to complete his mission, a miracle occurs'a mysterious stranger posts bail for him. It soon becomes clear, however, that James' freedom has come at a price'his saviour is an agent, who rescues illegal migrant workers in exchange for employing them in hard labour jobs. James soon learns the tricks of the game as his journey is an unpredictable one complete with valuable friends, some lateral thinking and a bit of luck. Screened in Director's Fortnight at Cannes 2003.

D Ra'anan Alexandrowicz P Amir Harel S Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, Sami Duenias WS Lama Films L Hebrew, English, Zulu w/English subtitles TD 35mm/Col/2003/88mins

Ra'anan Alexandrowicz was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Films include: Self-Confidence Ltd. (1996. short), The Inner Tour (2001).

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