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USA, 2004 (MIFF 2004, FedEx International Panorama)

Director: Ben Coccio

Zero Day USA

On 1 May 2001 high-school pals Andre and Cal walked onto their school campus in Middle America with an arsenal of weaponry, intent on unleashing bloody mayhem. In the lead up to the planned massacre, the self-named 'army of Two' used video cameras to record their plans as well as the seemingly random events that happened around them. Shot on digital video, Zero Day is a fake documentary of Andre and Cal's 11-month 'video diary'. With unflinching candour and brutal honesty, their plans are laid bare as 'Zero Day''The code word the boys use to describe the assault'approaches. Shocking and powerful, this disturbing film draws the viewer into the boys' world through glimpses at their chillingly ordinary lives, where their humour, intelligence and forthrightness become seductive.

'Zero Day, clearly inspired by such events as the Columbine High School shooting rampage, will chill you to the core' watching this well-crafted gem of a film, you realise that these two would-be mass murderers aren't abnormal. They're quintessentially normal, like thousands of other kids.' -The Washington Post

'Zero Day proves constantly riveting. Anything but sensationalistic, the film powerfully illuminates the banality of evil.' -Variety

D/P Ben Coccio S Ben Coccio, Chris Coccio WS Avatar Films TD 35mm/Col/2003/92mins

Ben Coccio was born in Niskayuna, USA. Films include: 5:45 am (2000, short).

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