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animation shorts 2

(MIFF 2005)

* [Guard Dog] (Bill Plympton, USA) * [2:4 Upfield] (Callum Cooper, Australia) * [The Sorrow of Superman] (Jeong In-Ok, South Korea) * [The Boy Who Feeds Cats] (Craig Brookes, Andrea Brookes, Australia) * [Frank and Wendy (episode 5)] (Kaspar Jancis, Uelo Pikkov, Priit Tender, Estonia) * [Badgered] (Sharon Colman, UK) * [Jam Session] (Izabela Plucinska, Germany/Poland) * [The Cigar's Smoker] (Antoine Roegiers, France) * [Mr Money] (Jamie Clennett, Australia) * [In My Day] (Dave Jones, Australia) * [Lightman] (Shaun Clark, UK) * [Reverie Sans Frontiers] (Lushin Tan, Australia) * [Taste The World] (Wendy Morris, Belgium/South Africa) * [Fable] (Daniel Sousa, USA) * [The Urchin] (Jonathan R. Dilworth, USA) * [Seventeen] (Hisko Husling, The Netherlands)

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