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Brazil, 2005 (MIFF 2005, Zero to Hero: Survival of the Fittest)

Director: Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves

Brazil's great secret for dominating world football is hardly a secret at all. Brazilian football players have 'ginga' - a fluid style of movement that raises ball skill to an art form. Ginga is not just restricted to dribbling, passing and scoring, and it's not just about football; it's about celebrating what you're doing, not taking life too seriously and looking stylish at all times. Brazilians have always been the most beautiful proponents of 'the beautiful game', and ginga is the reason why. This funky, dynamic, sexy documentary, produced by Fernando Meirelles (director of [City of God]), explores the lives of several Brazilian football players from very different social backgrounds and parts of Brazil. Ranging from emerging talents to the best professionals in the land, they share a passion for football, and, of course, sublime skills. Their compelling stories complement a portrait of Brazil as a unique, fascinating culture, where no matter how tough life can be, there'll always be lots of music, dancing and the finest football.
D/P Hank Levine, Marcelo Machado, Tocha Alves P Fernando Meirles, Hank Levine WS Oz Filmes L Portuguese w/English subtitles TD video/ col/2005/63mins [Ginga] (MIFF 05) is Hank Levine's first feature documentary. Marcelo Machado's films include [Olhar Electronico] (1886). Tocha Alves' films include [Tribalistas] (2002).

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