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district, the

Hungary, 2004 (MIFF 2005, Animation Gallery)

Director: Aron Gauder

district, the
It's crass, edgy and often tasteless. It's [The District!] An hilariously incorrect updating of the story of Romeo and Juliet, [The District!] is set in the notoriously rough Budapest ghetto District VIII. This time it's not the Capulets and Montagues, but rather Hungarian and Gypsy clans that are rivalling. And it's not about romance but money and oil. The Gypsy, Hungarian, Arab and Chinese kids of the district have grown up in a state of constant rivalry. Everybody wants to get by, but no-one wants to give an inch. Everyone is on the take. Richie, the youngest of the gypsy clan, attempts to pacify the Csorba family, especially their lovely daughter, Jules. As he soon reveals, the way to peace is through money, and the only way to make money is to have oil. The kids hatch an outlandish plan and hit pay dirt, but their financial success draws some unwanted international attention to the district... With stunning visuals and a pumping soundtrack, [The District!] is a nutty feast for the senses. It won Best Feature in Annecy, 2005.
D Aron Gauder P Erik Novak S Laszlo Jakab Orsos WS Szimpla Films L Hungarian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/col/2004/85mins [The District] (MIFF 05) is Aron Gauder's first feature animation.

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