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Japan / China, 2004 (MIFF 2005, Regional Focus)

Director: Ten Shimoyama, Yee Chih-yen, Zhang Yibai


Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Three of Asia's hottest young directors make three films about love. Japanese director Ten Shimoyama, Taiwan's Yee Chih-yen (Blue Gate Crossing, MIFF 03) and China's Zhang Yibai explore the tenuous, sweet, fragile and sometimes bitter nature of young love in the multicultural landscape of contemporary Asia. Yao and Michiko are two Tokyo artists who can't really get their careers on track; in Taipei, Si and Tecchan (Kase, Bright Future) play a round-about game of chase while the shadow of Si's ex-boyfriend hovers above them; and in Shanghai, student Shuhei (Tsukamoto, Battle Royale) moves in upstairs from a young woman, who immediately falls head over heels for him. About Love is a surprisingly mature and insightful exploration of love and its impact on us. In addition to having great directorial talent on board, it also boasts one of the most beautiful casts ever assembled. It's a treat for the soul and a glimpse into the future of a pan-Asian cinema.

D Ten Shimoyama, Yee Chih-yen, Zhang Yibai P Taku Ushiyama WS Lim Young Chien L Japanese, Mandarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/ col/2004/100mins. Ten Shimoyama was born in Japan in 1966. His films include Otogiriso (2001), Muscle Heat (2002). Yee Chih-yen's films include Lonely Hearts Club (1995), Blue Gate Crossing (MIFF 03). Zhang Yibai was born in Chongqing, China, in 1963. His films are Spring Subway (2002), About Love (MIFF 05).

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