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Australia / Argentina, 2005 (MIFF 2006, Australian Showcase)

Director: David Bradbury

“He said ‘I have been in jail for four years in the last decade, I am not going to go to jail for eight or 10 years for the simple crime of asking for food for the poor'. I found it quite inspiring.” - David Bradbury, filmmaker
Raul Castells is a walking, talking, pushing, barging force of nature. Born in the town of Rosario, the birthplace of Che Guevara - a man whose convictions he admires - Castells struggles to change the world.
Seen as a modern day Robin Hood and joined by his band of merry supporters, he fights for Argentina's poor in the face of corrupt politicians and globalisation using peaceful and non-violent action to challenge the government and big business.
David Bradbury's documentary gets dangerously close to the larger-than-life Raul, as he invades buildings and casinos and is arrested for his dissidence. Raul The Terrible gives insight into the politics of poverty in 21st century Argentina and the frightening possibilities of globalisation in Australia.

D David Bradbury P Carlos Alperin WS ABC Content Sales L Spanish w/English subtitles TD video/2006/80mins

David Bradbury was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1951. His films include Nicaragua: No Pasaran (1984, doco) and Fond Memories of Cuba (2002).

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