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Canada / USA, 2006 (MIFF 2007, Full Moon Fever)

Director: Andrew Currie


The ‘zom-com' sub-genre gets a technicolor makeover in this frisky take on the adventures of the undead. The town of Willard exists in a kind of retro future where everyone wears smiles on their faces, lives in white-picketed comfort… and owns control-collared zombies to perform menial household chores. For Timmy, the dutiful Fido (played by a blue-tinged and dialogue-free Billy Connelly) is a boy's best friend. Although when his collar malfunctions, Fido's bloodlust turns him into something less agreeable than the average family pet. Reveals shades of Pleasantville mixed with Bob Balaban's Parents. “The biggest-budget independent movie ever produced in British Columbia, Fido is a first for Canadian film. Its blend of satire and gooey gore is tempered with surprising emotion.” - Toronto Film Festival

D Andrew Currie P Blake Corbet, Mary Anne Waterhouse S Robert Chomiak, Andrew Currie, Dennis Heaton WS Lionsgate Films TD 35mm/2006/91mins

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