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Australia, 2007 (MIFF 2007, Homegrown)

Director: Peter Carstairs



Set against the backdrop of a seminal moment in Australia's past - the 1967 upheaval of race relations - September is a humane, cinematic and intricately drawn coming-of-age story.

Born on the same day, 16 year-olds Ed and Paddy have been best friends for as long as they can remember, growing up together on Ed's family farm in Western Australia. Together, they build an amateur boxing ring in the wheat fields where they spar everyday and dream of future glories. But Ed is white and Paddy is Aboriginal. The winds of social change are blowing their way, threatening to fracture what was a rock solid friendship, especially with the arrival of a new girl in town.

September is the debut feature from filmmaker Peter Carstairs and the first project to be produced under the Tropfest Feature Program.

D Peter Carstairs P John Polson, Serena Paull, Lynda House S Peter Carstairs, Ant Horn Dist Hopscotch TD 35mm/2007/85mins

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