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Australian Short Stories

Australia (MIFF 2007, World Stories)

Outrageous and courageous, this contemporary selection of Australian Indigenous shorts rises above stereotypes with tales of the most entertaining, emotional and humorous variety - from ills caused by witch doctors' curses to entrepreneurial pensioners and the vagaries of being a checkout chick.

  • Custard (D Michelle Blanchard P Kath Shelper, 6 mins)
  • Nana (D Warwick Thornton P Kath Shelper, 6 mins)
  • Jackie, Jackie (D Adrian Wills P Kath Shelper, 6 mins)
  • Hush (D Dena Curtis P Kath Shelper, 6 mins)
  • Backseat (D Pauline Whyman P Kath Shelper, 6 mins)
  • The Curse (D Luke Jurevicious P Domenic Friguglietti & Michael Wagner S Pamela Weston (Ngaritjan) & Michael Wagner, 5 mins)
  • Mermaid Story (D James Calvert P Domenic Friguglietti & Michael Wagner S Chris Kelley, Gamanjan & Michael Wagner, 5 mins)
  • The Bat and The Butterfly (D Dave Jones P Domenic Friguglietti & Michael Wagner S Tom E Lewis (Balaag) & Michael Wagner, 5 mins)
  • Brolga Song (D Suren Perera P Domenic Friguglietti, Michael Wagner S Victor Hood (Gamarrang), Gordon Forrest (Balang), Michael Wagner, 5mins)
  • When the Natives Get Restless (D/S Adrian Wills & Albert Hartnett P Melissa Johnston, 28 mins)
  • Crocodile Dreaming (D/S Darlene Johnson P Sue Milliken 26 mins)

D/P as indicated TD 35mm&video/2006-2007/103mins

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