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USA, 2007 (MIFF 2008, International Panorama)

Director: Wayne Wang


A stinging comment on the state of a new generation of Chinese youth, from veteran director Wayne Wang (Smoke).

Sasha, a disaffected Chinese girl of 18, comes to San Francisco carrying an unwanted pregnancy, the result of a fling with ex-opera star Yang. She plans to get an abortion, but unable to contact the disinterested Yang, ends up meeting up with Yang's gay lover, Boshen. Her wanderings take her through San Francisco, into causal trysts, and dalliances with petty crime.
Painting a bleak picture of the current generation of Chinese youth - cast adrift in the world with no history, morals or moorings - The Princess of Nebraska nevertheless leaves room for hope of redemption.
Hand-held camera work and a saturated visual style capture San Francisco in all its colour-drenched glory.

D Wayne Wang P Yukie Kito, Donald Young S Michael Ray WS The Match Factory L English, Mardarin w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007/77mins

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