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(MIFF 2008, Backbeat)

Orbit 2008 takes a surprising spin around everything that's fresh and exciting in Australian and New Zealand music videomaking. Haunting and longing, sweet and satirical; these clips run the gamut from lost eyeballs, cemetery parties and walkabouts to beautiful Fitzroy girls on bicycles. Join the revolution!

Check out All India Radio playing live at the Coopers Festival Lounge at the Forum post-Orbit screening.

All India Radio, ‘Persist' (dir. Lucy Dyson)
Plug in City, ‘Broke on a Wheel' (dir. FAMILY)
LPJB, ‘Litmus' (dir. Adam Ciancio)
Muyngarnbi Songs from Walking With Spirits, ‘Warrk Warrk'
(Black Crow) (dir. Julia Morris & Tom E Lewis)
TZU, ‘Computer Love' (dir. Callum Cooper)
Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra, ‘Bicycles' (dir. Jim Batt)
Winterpark, ‘Wall Kids' (dir. Jarrah Gurrie)
Side Kick Nick, ‘Something in Your Eyes' (dir. Rebecca Hart)
Nick Huggins, ‘The Movie We Made' (dir. Genevieve Bailey and
Hennie Nordstrom)
Little Red, ‘Witchdoctor' (dir. D'Arcy Foley-Dawson)
Sia, ‘Buttons' (dir. Kris Moyes)
Lady Sovereign,‘ThoseWereTheDays' (dir. FAMILY)
Snowman, ‘We Are The Plague' (dir. Steve McCallum)
Still Flyin', ‘Ghost town' (dir. Isobel Knowles)
The Boat People, ‘Awkward Orchid Orchard' (dir. Paul Underwood)
DJ Bonez/Funkors, ‘Certified' (dir. Callum Cooper)
Die! Die! Die!, ‘Sideways Here We Come' (dir. Ian Hart)

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