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UK, 2008 (MIFF 2009, Night Shift)

Director: Steven Sheil


The family that slays together stays together.

When Lena, a Polish cleaner, misses the last bus home from the airport where she works, she accepts the offer to stay overnight at the family home of her slightly odd coworker. It doesn't take long before she realises that hospitality for this family comes cast in the mould of Fred and Rosemary West. ‘Adopted' as part of the murderous clan, Lena descends into a living nightmare of abuse, torture and murder.

Described by Gorezone magazine as “the best UK horror of the last decade”, Steven Sheil's film borrows from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre school of domesticity, while channelling the sleazy 70s vibe of British horror auteur Pete Walker (Frightmare, House of Whipcord).

D/S Steven Sheil P Lisa Trnovski WS Anchor Bay TD digibeta/2008

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