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Singapore, 2007 (MIFF 2009, Neighbourhood Watch)

Director: Eric Khoo

“How much will I get? I'm gambling with my life.”

Battling alcoholism, portly magician Francis (played by real-life magician Francis Bosco) works at a bar while relying on his young son Rajr to clean up after him, following his regular drunken escapades. As Rajr struggles to better himself Francis decides he has to try and earn more money to support his son.

Convincing the club owner to let him perform on stage, Francis is soon lured into an offer to make extra cash by subjecting himself to increasingly agonising challenges at the behest of a sadistic gangster.

Directed with great gusto by minimalist filmmaker Eric Khoo (Be With Me, MIFF 06), My Magic this year became the first-ever Singaporean film to be shown in competition at Cannes.

D Eric Khoo P Tan Fong Cheng, Freddie Yeo, Gary Goh S Wong Kim Hoh WS Wild Bunch L Tamil, Hokkien w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2007

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