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On Closer Inspection

UK, 1953 (MIFF 1954, Programme 1)

Director: Joan Foldes, Peter Foldes

The second film by the young artists whose first production, "Animated Genesis", delighted Festival audiences last year. "Animated Genesis" not only received a British Film Academy Special Award lor 1952, but it also won a prize at the Cannes Film Fes¬tival for the best colour.

"The new film differs from the other in that its theme is nature but it has the same sensitivity in its treatment. Blue tits &ndash: feed &ndash: ing from milk bottles, fighting for coconut and fat, cleaning the plates at a garden picnic &ndash: provide the continuity in a film which brings us close to the flowers and insects of the garden, and reveals the rich detail ol form and feeling often unnoticed by the casual observer."

Visually, this is an impressive and unusual nature film; ON CLOSER INSPECTION is neatly edited, and many of the shots are startlingly beautiful. An original and witty score by Elisabeth Lutycns cleverly underlines both the absurdities and the beauties of nature.

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